Thursday, August 28, 2008

RAh, RAh, RAh!

Three cheers for the opening of RA Sushi in South Miami! Despite its chain restaurant and corporate roots (it is located next to, and owned by Outback and Carraba's), you can expect a great time - including funky sushi and inventive cocktails - all at an affordable price.

Marcela and I met up for dinner and drinks, expecting the standard sushi and sake. What we got, was a lot more than what we expected. The food was fresh, the atmosphere was fun, and the price was right. We shared four plates -- all of which came out in random order from different kitchens. We shared blue-claw crab cakes with a ginger mayo dipping sauce, thinly sliced ponzu chili yellowtail with crushed pine nuts and radish, a spicy tuna roll, and and awesome spicy lobster roll that was stuffed with cilantro, jalapeno, avocado and cucumber. We cleared our plates without a pause.

While we went non-traditional with our food, we stuck to traditional drinks like hot sake and Sapporro. However, I tried the Cucumber Martini that was refreshingly dangerous. Made with a blend of vodka and sake and mixed with lychee syrup and cucumbers, it complemented everything that we ordered almost too perfectly.

As I mentioned before, perhaps the best part of this experience was the fact that our bill very pleasantly surprised us. The trendy decor and dim lights give the effect of a pricey restaurant, while the menu told a different story. I would recommend RA to anyone looking for a fun night out and good food, without having to break the bank. And with a happy hour that offers $1 sake and beer for $2.75, I doubt you will need little convincing. Even better -- they offer several sushi rolls and appetizers at discounted prices as well.

I look forward to going back and taking advantage of the happy hour prices and exploring the menu in greater depth. Dishes like Yuzu Halibut and Mango Ceviche will likely make it happen sooner than later.

RA Sushi
5829 SW 73rd Street
South Miami, FL

(305) 341-0092


Anne-Laure said...

Count me in next time!

Steve said...

Ate there the other night. The space was cool and I think its a nice addition to the neighborhood. Food was really good. The scallop sashimi with kiwi and mango sauce was phenomenal. I also really liked the crunchy spicy tuna and the lobster spring rolls. The rice was the crunchy part paired with the spicy tuna and it was chewy and very different. The lobster spring rolls had a mango sauce that tasted like (and likely contained) butter.

I feel bad for Miyako across the street because its business will likely be impacted by Ra. That was one of my favorite sushi joints when I lived in the neighborhood. That and Akashi. Its been cool to see South Miami take shape over the past few years and restaurants have played a nice part in that.

Ali Cunningham said...

Also great at RA is their Salmon Carpacchio dish and Crunchy Calamari Roll. Amazing restaurant with another location in Palm Beach Gardens for those who live a bit further north.