Monday, August 11, 2008

A Little Underwhelmed by Fratelli Lyon

Perhaps I had over-hyped Fratelli Lyon in my head, had heard so much about it or just expected too much, but whatever the reason, I was seriously underwhelmed. I joined my friends and former co-workers, Cristian and Rachael last Friday for a Miami Spice lunch at the trendy Design District spot. Located on the front porch of The Driade design store, the unique location and artful accessories provided a very cool setting for our lunch. (Although, Cristian wasn't too fond of the chic, but uncomfortable chairs).

This is not to say that we had a horrible time, however. We started off the meal on a great note, ordering an antipasti plate of sopressata, prosciutto and capicola that was also dressed with perfectly briny olives and fragrant and floral olive oil. Our waiter was very friendly and informative as well, so we thought we were in for a fantastic meal.

Cristian and I both ordered off of the Miami Spice menu, while Rachael kept it light with a shredded chicken salad. While, I didn't get around to trying her plate, Cristian and I sampled bites from all three courses of our meals. My gemelli with pesto, potatoes and asparagus was a nice combination of ingredients and textures, but was very under seasoned. This was the case with Cristian's pasta e fagioli, macherroni bolognese and my layered eggplant, ricotta and basil tort. Nothing was terrible, it just all seemed to lack salt, which was surprising to me for an Italian restaurant -- especially an acclaimed one.

Our meals ended with Cristian's selection of grapefruit sorbet that seriously outshone my coffee gelato, which lacked the creaminess that I have come to expect from the Italian treat. The best part of the meal, might have been the prosecco, but that's not exactly a shocker considering that it was the three of us.

All in all, I didn't have a bad time, or a great time. I just sort of had a bland time. I don't think that it would be fair to totally discredit it without trying it again, although I am not exactly rushing to do so any time soon.

Fratelli Lyon
4141 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33137
Phone: (305) 572-2901


Anonymous said...

I tried it a couple months ago and had a similar experience.

Good, worth another try, but underwhelming.

bighairproductions said...

The company was definitely the best part of this meal. Lack of flavor really killed every plate ordered. Not to mention that the chic chairs were ridiculously uncomfortable and bad for the lower lombard. Overall, this place gets 1.5 stars out of 4 and most of that is due to the friendly service and prosecco.

Steve said...

I've been meaning to try this place out but had the same fear as you - that I'd overhyped it in my head. Plus, every time I head down to the Design District a tractor beam from Michael's seems to suck me in. Good notes though. I'll get there eventually.

Wide Lawns said...

Shoot I was going to go there Friday. I read some reviews though that said the food was too salty so I'm wondering if maybe because of those reviews that they decided to way underseason to correct the former saltiness.

Roger L. said...

Kate, it's like I was sitting at the table with you. Same exact experience. The only difference is that thanks to you I won't be giving them a second shot.


Nate said...


How come you never take me to fancy dinners?