Friday, October 10, 2008

A Great (and Green) Way to Kick off the Weekend!

You may have seen Green Gables Cafe on my blog before (featured in my list of favorite healthy, fresh & fast lunch spots), and in case you have not been, I encourage you to go now! Why the urgency? Well, they are celebrating their one-year anniversary this month, and are offering all kinds of fantastic specials.

Sometimes I meet friends there, but most often I order delivery. Their sandwiches, soups and salads are perfect for a midday pick-me-up. Not only is the food absolutely delicious, but it's never heavy, leaving you energized and satisfied. As if it couldn't get any better, all of the to-go packaging (plastic bowls, brown and plastic bags, silverware etc.) is made from recycled and biodegradable materials. It's an ultimate guilt-free experience.

Another great concept implemented by Green Gables is that if you order online, you receive a 10% discount. By taking advantage of that offer, and the anniversary specials, I got a really exciting treat today! I ordered the Tropical Salad Special and was honestly, blown away! It consists of herb roasted Mahi-Mahi with organic mixed greens, avocado, mango and coconut crusted eggplant bites with a light orange drizzle. Sounds enticing? It tasted even better!

I ate every bite, so as not to miss a minute of all of the flavors that worked together so harmoniously. The herbs from the fish, the sweetness of the mango, richness from the avocado and tang from the orange drizzle, provided a perfect balance. However, the best (and most unexpected) element of the salad was the coconut crusted eggplant bites. I would never have thought that those flavors would work so well together. But, after being so convinced this afternoon, I am going to try and create new dishes in my own kitchen based on them.

Check out the menu online and order today! I promise you will not be disappointed. While I love everything that they offer, I definitely encourage you to try their carrot soup and pumpkin soup. They are so filling, incredibly delicious, and really good for you. (Most of their soups are vegan!)

Green Gables Cafe
166 Alhambra Circle
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 445-7015

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

French Revolution!

In case you haven't noticed, the Grove is being taken over by the Frenchies, which makes my favorite pastime so much more exciting! First there was the lone Le Bouchon. But, after selling it and moving back to France, George could not resist the lure of the Al Fresco culture of Coconut Grove, and came back to open the appropriately named, "George's." George's offers more than just great French Bistro fare, it serves up a fun time too. The filet & potato gratin is perfect and seriously recommended. But besides the food and free-flowing champagne, George serves up a healthy dose of entertainment. As you enjoy a glass of rose, you may find yourself dancing to a techno version of the Beverly Hills Cop theme song, without even realizing it. Don't be embarrassed. You will also notice everyone around you, doing the same, and George egging you on over the microphone.

Just around the corner, is Le Petit Paris. I ate there with my sister Danni last night, and had a great meal. Although I have eaten there for dinner more than once, I have only ever sampled their moules et frites. I should take my job more seriously, and order different dishes in order to have a better sense of the menu, but frankly, they are just too tempting to resist. I will try my hardest to order something different next time, but can make no promises. Besides dinner, they offer breakfast and lunch, all of which is fantastic. I only wish that they did not do away with their macaroons, which are my favorite French treat. However, they did totally redeem themselves with their chocolate mousse. Order it. Thank me later.

Besides Le Petit Paris and George's, there are also the staples -- Greenstreet Cafe and Le Bouchon. I have not been to Le Bouchon in a while, but always loved it. I should return again to see what they are up to. While Greenstreet's food is more American than French, the owner is French and the food is always great. I also heard that they have made several additions to the menu. Since I pretty much love everything on it already, I should also try out these new offerings. I know that I am sure to like them. Finally, there is Le Moulin across the street, and I have to say, I have never eaten anything there besides a chocolate croissant. I think I just gave myself another homework assignment. - one that I am glad to take on.

Get out there, and get your French on! (Food, I mean.)